Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spontaneity and Oversleeping

Today Ben and I did one of the most spontaneous things we've done in a while.

We bought plane tickets to visit my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in California- in less than 3 weeks!

I cannot tell you how excited I am for some warmer weather. Even though it's only been winter in Minnesota for a couple weeks now, it's starting to get to me. Plus, I really miss running outside- although I have to admit, I am learning to tolerate actually like the treadmill. While it might be super lame to do on vacation, I'm hoping to wake up early and get in some outdoor runs. (Is it bad that I already looked to see if there were any races in the area while I was there?)

We're going to try to get tickets to Jay Leno, go to the Comedy Store, and go to Pechanga, a local casino. At least that's what we've planned so far. I'd also like to hit up a winery (or two... or three), go to the beach, and maybe catch a USC vs. UCLA basketball game. And go to Hollywood- I've been there, but Ben hasn't. So much to do, so little time! Pretty sure I don't need to sleep at all while we're there :)

I missed running today. I took a rest day, and I feel like I was a bit cranky because of it. Whenever I oversleep, I tend to be more tired than if I hadn't, which has never made any sense to me. More sleep should equal more energy. Not so, my friends. If I don't get 8 hours +/- 15 minutes, I am a not a happy camper (just ask Ben).

4 mile run and some yoga on tap for tomorrow. Bring it on, Friday!

Have you done anything spontaneous lately?

What was the last trip you took?

Any suggestions of things we should do in California (LA area)?

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