Monday, January 30, 2012

Mandatory Rest Day and Old People Yoga

Today the only yoga class at a time I could attend was "Gentle Yoga." The class description read:

"Restorative for all levels of yoga practitioners. This practice includes the use of functional movement, breathing techniques, and gentle stretching."

I figured I could definitely use some restoration. Gentle stretching sounded nice too. So my friend Felicity and I decided to see what Gentle Yoga was all about.

We were easily the only people under the age of 50 in that room. Or maybe 75- I couldn't be sure.

I definitely felt out of place when I walked in. I was a little late because I had trouble finding a parking spot, and as I was scanning the room looking for Felicity's face, all I saw were elderly people. And I felt like they were all looking at me like I was a freshman that accidentally walked into senior home room on their first day of high school.

I'm not gonna lie, I feel like I exerted almost no physical energy in that class. But I think that may have been just what I needed. Physically, taking a total rest day at home would have probably benefited me the same, but then my mind would have been busy with Facebooking or watching tv. Instead, I feel like I actually got some good mental rest in combination with physical rest.

One important lesson I learned from the old man downward-dogging in front of Felicity:

It is perfectly acceptable to fart in yoga class! ;)

Have you ever felt out of place at a fitness class?

Do you like yoga?

How often do you take a rest day?


  1. I love yoga!!

    I take every Friday off, but every now and then I'll take mondays off. (Day after my long run :))

  2. We may need to take our Yoga experience to the next level. However, none our age would amuse us with a trumpet fart!