Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mobile Blogging on an Upset Stomach

Sadly, Mayo Clinic doesn't pay me to blog, so I have to blog on my dinner break.

On my smart phone. Which has a really tiny touch keyboard.

It won't be easy, but for my few loyal readers (I know you're out there) I'll do it! :)

I've been having stomach pains since after lunch on Tuesday. I blame the alfalfa sprouts I've been putting on my turkey sandwiches- they've made me sick once before, but being the genius that I am, I keep eating them. So, either I have food poisoning, or my digestive system simply does not agree with sprouts. I really don't care what it is, I just want my stomach back to normal by tomorrow. My run today wasn't easy to say the least, but I somehow powered through (4 miles in 35:03).

This is what I'm having for dinner tonight:

So delicious and sooo filling... NOT.

I think Weight Watchers' secret is to make only half of the meal edible, so that in the end you end up consuming even less calories than the already ridiculously small portion size they give you. Half of the tiny pieces of meat were too hard to chew and the mashed potatoes tasted fake. And now my tummy is rumbling.

Ben and I just started watching The Walking Dead last night. My brother-in-law is obsessed with it, so he sent us the first season for Christmas. I'm not much of a zombie person, but I have to say it's pretty good! No zombie nightmares... yet.

Lately I've been listening to Blink-182's album Neighborhoods on repeat. I was a huge fan in high school and college, so I don't know why I didn't pick up their newest album sooner. It's SO GOOD- and its quick beats make it great for running too!

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