Thursday, March 15, 2012

Track Party and Carb Loading

Yesterday I did my first track workout since highschool, and it went surprisingly well. And by surprisingly well, I mean I survived.

I did 6x400 at 5K goal pace with 400m recovery in between. I HATE 400s... I had to block out the flashbacks of Coach Hofacker yelling out my split times on 400 repeat day at high school track practice.

When I was a freshman, neither me nor my coaches knew what event I was good at. They threw me in the mile (sucked). Then they tried me at the 800 (sucked even more). They even entered me in the 800 at a couple more meets to see if I would improve (still sucked). Then they put me in the 400, and I ran a 1:06 (or 1:07- I don't remember). Seeing as I wasn't absolutely terrible, they were all "The 400 is your event!" and I was all "YAAAAAAAAY I'm good at something!" Then they got all fancy and tried to talk race strategy with me, and I never ran under a 1:10 after that. I'm pretty sure I ran a 1:15 at regions. Turns out I was never good at the 400, it was just a fluke. It took until my junior year for us to figure out "my event"- the 100m hurdles. And we didn't have a track, so I only got to practice once or twice a week when we used another school's track. But I digress.

The track I ran on yesterday is the only public track in town (all the high schools lock up their tracks) and it's measured in yards. So I relied on my trusty Garmin to mark my start and end points (which were different every time). It was also made of dirt mixed with pieces of rubber... not the most glamorous, but its squishiness still felt better than asphalt.

Here's what my splits looked like (yes, I am aware that I am extremely speedy):

1:59, 1:58, 1:54, 1:49, 1:56, 1:53

Slowest pace: 7:51
Fastest pace: 7:21
Average pace: 7:41

Clearly my consistency could still use some work. But my average pace came out right around my 5K goal pace, and I'll take that as a small victory. Never mind that I felt like I was dying and I'm not sure how I'll hold that pace for 3.1 miles on Saturday.

Today is the start of one of my favorites times of year- MARCH MADNESS. It is the one time of year that I can pretend that I am an expert college basketball analyst for ESPN and pick my bracket based solely upon which teams I like and dislike because I haven't had time to a watch a game in its entirety all year. I won't tell you how good my bracket is doing for fear of jinxing it, but I will tell you that it's doing pretty darn good.
I took a half-day at work today, not JUST to watch basketball, but because we were fully staffed without me on the schedule and because a day of work sandwiched between two days off is never fun for anyone. I picked up an order of boneless wings from B-dubs (that's Buffalo Wild Wings, for those of you who have been living under a rock) for Ben and I to enjoy. I've also had two 16 oz. Coors Lights (the 24-pack of big cans was only $2 more than the 24-pack of 12 oz. cans- ummm, yes please!) and a mint Dilly Bar when we went to visit the niece and nephew. Did I mention that I'm trying to eat healthy before my race on Saturday? Ben was quick to point out that it's only a 5K, and in high school he would eat cake before races. I mean, beer has carbs... right?

Do you try to eat healthier in the days leading up to a race?

How is your bracket doing? Who do you have winning it all? 
I've got Michigan State and North Carolina in the final game, with the Spartans taking it all.

Do you try to eat healthier in the days leading up to a race?

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