Saturday, March 24, 2012

Race Recap: Race for Research 10K

Today I ran the Race for Research 10K, which is organized by the Mayo School of Health Sciences Program in Physical Therapy. I love racing, but I love it even more when I know my money is going to a good cause, so I was happy to learn that all of the proceeds go to the Foundation for Physical Therapy. It was a fairly small race, but I think in the coming years they'll start getting more entries. The course was flat and fast, and the weather was perfect for racing.

I left work an hour early last night to make sure I got enough sleep. My pre-race routine was a little thrown off by the fact that we had no bananas, but I didn't let it phase me too much. We got to Soldier's Field around 8:15 to pick up my race packet, and I got to chat with my friend and roommate from last year, Kim, who's in Mayo's DPT program. I jogged about a half-mile to warm up, stretched, and then headed over to the start line.

Like last week, the race was gun-timed, so I started pretty close to the front. I wasn't sure if I was ready to conquer my sub-50:00 goal yet, but I decided to aim for it anyways, and tried to stay around a 8:00 min/mile pace. My first three mile splits were fantastic:

Feelin' good.

The course was set up as a 5K loop, so the 5K runners ran it once and the 10K runners ran it twice. I tried to ignore all of the 5K runners finishing and made the turn for my second 5K loop. There weren't many 10K runners at all- during mile 4 I could see only one guy in front of me and nobody behind me. The lack of spectators- and people in general, for that matter- didn't do much for my mentality, and my pace started to slow.

No longer feelin' good.

Right around the 5 mile marker there was a switch back, and I noticed there was a woman about 100 meters behind me. I had passed her around mile 2, but she was looking strong. I couldn't recall having seen any women in front of me- if there were any, they had to be waaaaaay in front of me. I knew if I was in first, I'd be ticked if I let this girl pass me- because let's face it, how many times does an average runner like me get a chance to win a race? So I picked up the pace and was able to shake her in the last mile.

Time: 52:02* (New PR!)
Average pace: 8:23
1st female

Shortly after I finished, my name was called- turns out I was top female! My prize was a $30 Trader Joe's gift card, which just so happens to be the same amount the race registration was. In the end, I paid for my race with chocolate covered almonds, wine, and various other goodies.

Random beers, wine, Clif bars, chocolate, dark chocolate-covered almonds,
bananas, coffee, bananas, granola bars, an dried fruit paid for my race.

This race was really small- since the results aren't up, I don't know exact numbers- but I think only 15-20 women ran the 10K. But SO WHAT?! I'm totally owning this win. It's not like I didn't have any close competition, and it involved some serious guts on my part towards the end of the race. So although it's probably a freak occurrence and may never happen again, I'm going to enjoy my moment in the spotlight... perhaps by overindulging in the bottle of wine I bought with my winnings.

My next race is the Spring Fling Diva Run 10K on April 28th. I'm going to be ready to run that sub-50:00 10K!

What was the highlight of your week?

When is your next race?


  1. the highlight of my week was having a few rare moments of private time with my husband of almost one year :) living with the in-laws is becoming a bit tooooo much!

    Congrats on winning the 10K!

    1. Thanks! :) Happy early anniversary! I can't believe it's almost been a year already- our anniversary will be here before we know it. Time flies!

  2. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome job!

    I ran my first half marathon and I think I am in love with that distance. Wes even said he'd run the next one with me (big win there). But I'll probably start him off with a couple of 5ks before then.

    1. Thanks! :)

      Congrats on finishing your first half- sounds like your addicted! It's definitely my favorite distance to race! I've just been trying to do some shorter races to work on my speed before my half in May. I'm doing my first full (Chicago) in October, and I THINK I'll love it, but I guess we'll see ;)

      Ben said he'll do some 5Ks with me, but refuses to do a half. I think he's just afraid he'll actually like it!

  4. Congrats congrats congrats! FULL MARATHON IN OCTOBER?! Aimz, you craz! Good luck!

    -Tyler Berry