Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recovery Week and My Next Race

This week was a much needed recovery week. I ran three easy runs consisting of 3-4 miles each and did some cross-training (spin class and elliptical). I also got a deep tissue massage on Wednesday- it hurt so good! The last time I got a massage was during my terrible bout of ITBS, and my massage therapist had told me I had some of the tightest IT bands she'd ever seen! This time she had much better things to say about my IT bands, and about my legs in general. "All I felt was the normal tightness I always see in runners," she said. "Keep doing what you're doing!" Don't mind if I do :)

I have been having some shin pain off and on since I got back from California. Although my return to outdoor running has been nothing short of glorious (save for my windburned face and cold ears), I suspect that running on pavement three times a week after not having run on pavement in three months might have something to do with the pain. Just a hunch. And the fact that my shoes aren't entirely broken in probably doesn't help either. It's not excruciating pain- just a dull, aching pain that I sometimes feel while running and after standing for long periods of time at work. So I ordered some of these to help with recovery time:

CEP Compression Calf Sleeves

They're supposed to get here Tuesday. Can't wait!

My cross country coach in high school always told us, "If you had shins splints, you wouldn't be able to walk!" I don't know how much truth there is to that statement, but nonetheless, it's always stuck with me! So I've been running through the little pain that I have been having, taking ibuprofen, and icing. I've seen some improvement this week, and hopefully I will be back to 100% in the next few days.

My first race of this year is two weeks from yesterday- the Lucky Green 5K! I've really missed the excitement and adrenaline rush that comes with running a race. Plus, I think I'm in the best shape I've been for a 5K since I was in high school. My realistic goal is to finish in under 25:00, but I'm going to try to get under 24:00. Either way, I would be running about as fast as I was senior year of high school. Although that may not be very "fast" for some people, I'd still be pretty excited about it! :)

I've already planned out my workouts for this week and I'm pretty excited about them:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 mi. easy + strength
Wednesday: Cycle class
Thursday: 5 mi. tempo
Friday: 2 mi. easy
Saturday: PiYo
Sunday: 9 mi. long

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

When was the last time you got a massage?

Any upcoming races?


  1. That's so exciting about the 5k!

    We hosted a game night on Saturday and today the sun finally showed up so I got in a glorious 16 miler.

    My last massage was right before Thanksgiving when I was still dealing with post marathon aches and pains. Acupuncture ended up being a better friend though :)

    I've got 2 10k's and 2 half marathons in the next 9 weeks. Race for the Roses half marathon is my goal race though, hoping to be sub 1:28.

    1. Acupuncture, eh? I may have to give it a try :) How often do you go?

      I have two 10Ks in the next two months, too! Hoping to get sub 50:00 in one of them. And my goal half marathon is 12 weeks from yesterday!

    2. I was going about 2x a week when I had all of the lingering aches and pains as well as Plantar Fasciitis. I spend a lot of time on my foam roller and am pretty regimented with stretching and yoga so I wouldn't say I am in there more than once a month. (Lord willing I stay as healthy as I've been the last 12 weeks!).

      Thats exciting! Sub 50 is an awesome goal. 12 Weeks is a ton of time to be in great Half Shape, too!